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I have always been driven by a passion for Skateboarding & Music. It is what drove me in my youth and still does to this day. I have also always loved tee shirts and tee shirt designs.


45RPM-VINTAGE was created out of a desire to fuse these two obsessions into a collection of curated, limited-edition tee shirts featuring iconic designs from the boardsports and music of the 1970s to the 1990s.

- Joel Gomez   

Featured Tee


Winchester Skateboard Park located in Campbell, California, was known for its pink pool - this was one of the most legendary pools ever for skateboarding. Home of many pro skateboarders, Keith Meek, Steve Caballero, and Scott Foss to name a few.


Scott Foss is the featured skateboarder on the tee-shirt. Winchester skatepark was where I learned how to do a backside air on the washboard. 

New Arrivals

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